65″ Electronic Whiteboard Writing Board

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65″ Electronic White Boards

Multi-Touch Display Electronic Whiteboard Interactive Smart Writing Board

w/ Wi-Fi, 3G internet 5000:1 Built-in Speaker1920 x 1080 Optical

41006D color seperator

 Smart Touch Panel

1, Super integrated, interactive teaching&meeting;
2, HD display, healthy & environmental protection;
3, Software is rich, collaborative education
4, Five-in-one functions of TV, interactive whiteboard, large screen display, OPS PC, and software.
5, Wisdom classroom teaching software, high-quality teaching resources, star class. classes management system.

41006D color seperator


Selection safety material Used of 4mm tempered glass with anti-scratch, all-metal frame with safety round corner design with low radiation, anti-lighting, anti-static etc features.

All in one design

Integrated projectors, whiteboard, screen, audio, computers, television and other multimedia devices.

It can supports touching, writing, video conference, display etc. Intelligent humanization design

Humanization UI design, with strong interactivity,auto-calibration, auto brightness adjustment, one key power on/off etc powerful user-friendly functions.

Strong Environmental adaptability

Operating temperature 0 ℃ -40 ℃, Humidity 20%-80% RH, adapt to variable voltage 100v-240v, also has the fifth-generation optical touch technology, can be used under sunlight.

Ultra HD Visual experience Ultra HD Image Quality, used of origin

A grade Panel, use vector graphics to processing images with high compression and undistorted features to make color more vividness and reality.

Easy to install and move Provide free wall mounting, and the mobile stand is optional.

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Ultra-long working life

No consumables material, more than 50000 hours working life, the average cost per hour less than the projectors and related equipment, while using anti-light decay circuit to ensure continued high performance.

Core Touch Technology Up to 10 points finger touch,q quick response time, with dead-proof function, supports writing even parts of the screen be blocked. Support dual system

Using the most advanced OPS module with high-performance Intel processor to achieve dual system and easy-maintenance modular design.

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