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influence book dan lok   Influence!: 47 Forbidden Psychological Tactics You Can Use To Motivate, Influence and Persuade Your Prospect
  book Dan Lok

Imagine knowing how the human mind works…

Having the power to influence and motivate people at will to buy your products and services…

What would that be worth to you?

As you read every word of this page, you will experience first-hand and quickly discover highly controversial persuasion secrets that will boggle your mind…

and the mind of any prospect you target.

Reveal 47 ways you can use psychological tactics to induce people to pull out their credit cards and buy from you  and, more importantly, how you can use these tactics to double, triple, or even quadruple your income.

Uncovered many of these tactics as a result of my ability to sell my own products or services through the power of words.

Here’s the secret you won’t get anywhere else

WHY they work.

Identified 47 irresistible emotional triggers that inspire and influence people to desire your product and service and consequently buy it.

Forbidden Psychological Tactics.

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Find in Forbidden Psychological Tactics, here’s a sneak-peak:

  •  How to create the “gotta have it” feeling in your prospects!
  • The magical way to melt away sales resistance — it’s slam-dunk easy… when you know HOW!
  •  How to subtly seduce your prospects to and stimulate a “craving” for your product or service – even if it never occurred to them to buy from you!
  •  The conversational way to get your prospect to experience the positive emotions and intense feelings of having what you’re selling so they are naturally and automatically compelled to buy right now! 
  •  How to instantly establish rapport and make your prospects feel like they’ve known your forever, so they’ll trust you like an old friend!
  •  The amazing secrets to making objections meaningless even before they come up – it’ll surprise you how easy this is when you know this tactic!
  •  How to create mesmerizing stories and scenarios that grab the attention of your reader, and hold them captive all the way to the order page!
  •  When to use “sex appeal” to generate buying frenzies that are hot, hot, HOT!
  •  How to infuse “proof power” into your sales letters to transform them into magnetic sales message that racks up the profits and bring in the bucks!
  •  The “super excited” closing technique that leaves your prospects so motivated that they literally close themselves!
  •  A simple technique to send your prospect’s objections into the past… where they belong!

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Dan Lok



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