MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer

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MakerBot Replicator desktop 3D printer

  Replicator Mini+ Replicator Z18 Replicator 2X
Generation + Series 5th Generation 4th Generation
Filament Compatibility MakerBot PLA Filament MakerBot PLA Filament, MakerBot Tough PLA Filament MakerBot ABS Filament, MakerBot Dissolvable Filament
Min Layer Height 100 microns (0.1 mm) 100 microns (0.1 mm) 100 microns (0.1 mm)
Build Surface Grip Surface PC-ABS Aluminium
Remote Monitoring  
Color LCD Interface    
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB-Cable Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB-Stick, USB-Cable SD Card, USB-Cable
Extruder Smart Extruder+ Smart Extruder+ Dual Extrusion
Technical Support Monday – Friday | 9am – 6pm ET Monday – Friday | 9am – 6pm ET Monday – Friday | 9am – 6pm ET
41006D color seperator
Style: Printer

The MakerBot Replicator+ is engineered and tested for reliability, faster printing. The Replicator+ prints high-quality concept models faster, easier, and with a bigger build volume. Combined with Makerbot’s powerful MakerBot’sools, the MakerBot Replicator+ streamlines desktop 3D printing for professionals and educators. To ensure unparalleled performance, the Replicator+ features a sturdier construction, a 25 percent bigger build volume, better print adhesion, and more. The SMART extruder+ and all ease-of-use features from the previous MP07825 come standard. The Replicator+ is also compatible with MakerBot’s new slate Gray tough PLA filament bundle, created for Engineers and designers.

  • The larger build volume allows you to print models 25% larger than the MakerBot Replicator desktop 3D printer (5th generation)
  • To ensure consistent performance, our new 3D printers and their subsystems were re-engineered and rigorously tested for over 380,000 hours across multiple facilities
  • For improved reliability and precision, the gantry and Z-stage are redesigned with stiffer materials and sturdier construction
  • Easier print adhesion and removal using the flex build Plate with a grip surface. Prints adhere better to new grip surface resulting in reduced warping and curling. No Blue tape required41006D color seperator

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