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Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

Special Edition, Editable in Word Excel,

Read aloud or Google Translate scanned documents on iPhone iPad / Mac or Win compatible

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  • Wireless Scanner Mouse Special Edition while stock lasts! Scan printed text from books, magazines, newspaper and editable right away on MS Word document
  • Easy to use, swipe to scan, supporting 199 OCR languages. Scan to Speech and Scan to Translate instantly on iPhone and iPad 
  • Scan table, spreadsheet and direct editing in each individual cell in Excel. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and email instantly
  • OCR identifies foreign languages. Use google translate in software for instant translations.
  • Mac or Windows Compatible. Internal/External WiFi is required.

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Scan to Speech and Scan to Translate with iOS App

Just by few swipes, users can scan texts, tables or even images; and EDIT them right away in Microsoft Word, Excel or other applications.

Zcan Wireless supports 199 OCR languages that allow users to translate in Google Translate right after scanning.

Users can also share their scanned images instantly on Facebook, Twitter, and other add-on applications.

With Zcan Wireless, users are no longer bounded by electric wires and can scan whatever and wherever they like, boosting the efficiency of their work.

No matter you want to scan a receipt, recipe, kids hand drawing, tax report, financial statement etc, you can always scan with Zcan Wireless. Scanning becomes more convenient than ever!

Revolutionizing the market of scanner mouse.

Zcan Wireless has integrated the technologies of the scanner, computer mouse, and wireless transmission technology together in a small gadget.

With this tiny, portable scanner mouse, users do not actually need to worry about the place they want to do the scanning or the size of the materials they want to scan.

Zcan Wireless has won the Grand Prize of “My Favorite Stationery Award 2015” in the Hong Kong International Stationery Show.

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Sensor: Optical mouse sensor 1500dpi
Buttons: 3 and a dedicated scan
Resolution: Up to 400dpi
Scan Size: Up to A3 (upon memory configuration)

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